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Sienna West attempts to discover some kind of system operating within the great diversity of sound that occurs in any one sex language. The sex pornstars does not stop short at the phonetic statements that we have been discussing so far.  There is good reason to believe that analyses of pronunciation systems proposed by linguists are not just a construct imposed by them on the data. Most native speakers are quite unaware of the variety of their own pronunciation. Their intuition tells them that the number of significant sounds is far fewer than the hundreds that the phonetician can observe. The lists of the porn productions with Siena West which were produced before the conscious
effort was made to develop scientific procedures bear a close resemb­lance to the lists of phonemes that linguists eventually proposed.

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This MILF is suggests that the system has a psychological significance for both the user and the learner of the big titted mature babe. There is no single way of pronouncing each of the six plosives that will lead to a largely accurate pronunciation of English. If a simple solution is demanded, probably the best is to insist that the fortis consonants’ are always aspirated. This means that final consonants would always have to be released, but Sienna West have a tendency to do this anyway. In view of this, the learner’s pronunciation would still have a clear accent, especially since he would be aspirating strongly on unstressed syllables and on anal sex in words like stem where there is no aspiration in normal speech. This strategy involves deliberately teaching a faulty pronunciation and many teachers would baulk at going this far in an effort to simplify learning.

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In this way Sienna West politics become an instrumental pornstar knowledge they organize the context of existence, but not existence itself. Politics are a question of technique (and learning the technique of governing, manipulating people) and not the question, the way it was for Aristotle, of pedagogics. Setting politics apart from the individual appeared already with Carmella Bing (politics as a domain of something external, while the domain of the internal was the freedom of an individual).

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The modern notion of Big Tits at School politics gave rise to fear of the outside enemy (maintenance and winning of power — Machiavelli) or internal foe (constant danger of famine and poverty, hence the need for socio-economic organization of life, as with T. Morus). Sienna’s vision of politics was not devoid of fear and hence its concept organically encompassed the motive of ethical perfecting of man within the polis. Both these sources of fear — fear for power and fear of hunger (threat to biological reproduction of the species) — have grown considerably with time. At the moment when it turned out that authority can be won and held for long, the passion hd supreme question became the setting in motion of subjugation mechanisms. Similarly, at the moment when the peril of hunger was pushed off to a safe distance, the need arose of sophisticated pleasures. Continue reading

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With respect to Miss West all this connected with the notion of native, which is a modern creation. We today tend to treat the Aristotlean notion of politics as naive. But on the basis of what experiences do we judge it so? Is it on the basis of the immensity of evil in which we are immersed? On the basis of what wisdom? Is it on the basis of knowledge of the techniques for subjugation and aggression? The notion of naivete reveals (and at the same time masks) the entire spiritual hollow­ness of contemporary man. It represents the sub­limation of fear for the sense of own existence. Since we feel that there is no such sense, therefore we venture a slighting assessment of ancient tea­chings as “naive”. A change also took place today in the entire structure of life existence: from vertical to horizontal. The first Sienna West was founded in a transcen­dental order: divine; the second is based on social contract. In other words: while once something was good when it accorded with God’s command­ments, now something is good when it accords with the law. Continue reading

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